Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Foot Health Practitioner?

A. A Foot Health Practitioner is a professional clinician who works with patients to maintain the healthy state of the foot and treats all  common conditions that can effect your feet and prevent you from leading the life you want to lead.  Routine maintenance such as nail cutting and removal of hard skin for those who have difficulty in reaching their feet, but also treating corns, calluses, painful verrucae, foot and nail infections, ingrowing toe nails etc

Q. What will happen during my appointment?

A. During your initial appointment a full medical history will be taken. This will be followed by a routine foot assessment.  A management plan for any presenting foot condition will be discussed in full, including any additional costs.  At the end of the treatment the feet and lower leg will be massaged and advice given as to their future care. Approximate time 60 mins.

Follow-up treatment appointments consists of a routine foot health assessment followed by a discussion regarding your presenting condition and the proposed treatment.  Treatment will be followed by a lower leg and foot massage. Approximate time 30-60 mins.

Q. How often should I see my foot care practitioner?

A. As a general rule every 6 weeks. However, it depends on the condition you are being treated for. If you are seeing your foot care practitioner for routine nail cut and removal of hard skin, every 6 weeks if advised. If you have more in-depth conditions, your foot care practitioner will discuss with you your individual foot care plan.

Q. Do you treat patients with Diabetes?

A. Yes, I am trained in the care and maintenance of patience who have been diagnosed with Diabetes.